Turning Point – Write In English

Today inaugurates my first article written in English. I would like to allow the greatest number of people to read my blog. Many people, some friends particularly, asked me to do so, as they weren’t French and therefore didn’t speak any French.
I think this is a good start to begin this year. I was used to speak English with others when attending fashion shows in Paris. If you go to the Paris Fashion Week, you will certainly notice they are people from all over the world, coming to work and to connect with other fashion business-people.

So I asked myself why I did not think of it earlier ! It is obvious fashion is going with globalization.
As we know, fashion is not centered in Paris anymore. It is even more difficult to determine whether it is still the capital of fashion or not ! I wish it is still. Thinking of my history class (sorry to mention this if school is not your cup of tea), it comes to my mind that the fashion world is as multi-polar as the current ecomony is (eg. «économies mondes »).
By the way, we shouldn’t talk about « fashion weeks » but « fashion month » ! New York, Milano, London and Paris… It looks like an hermeneutic circle that never changes and recycles itself. An exciting fashionable month people dream of, think of and speak of. Have you ever felt the atmosphere of a show, the craze when the music starts, the admiration when the models walk and the magical powers of sophisticated creations ?

Fashion is fascinating.
This article is the occasion for me to write down my own experience – why do I like fashion ? Why did I create this blog ? Why am I here today ?…

According to me, fashion is a mysterious world that, in appearance, can frighten or impress, sometimes even surprise. This is mostly why I enjoy fashion so much. We feed our imagination when watching one’s creations, we learn about communication skills when speaking to PRs, we meet numerous interesting and passionate people.

To conclude with, I would advice you to do what you like and stay yourself. You like playing chess ? Play chess ! I wish you will be as involved in your hobbies as I am with fashion and music.

Please don’t waste your time and try hard to reach your goals !


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