Jean Paul Gaultier – Session Street Style

I have been busy, very busy these days, and… I guess this is not an excuse, but last July, I totally forgot to post an article… I forgot to post the Jean Paul Gaultier Street Style photos I took on July, the 5th or 6th, I don’t remember.

Anyway, this show was surprising. First, because Jean Paul Gaultier chose Nabilla as his « égérie », his muse, his inspiration for this Haute Couture collection. « Haute Couture? », yeah I said it, and SHE was chosen to be the last and unique model to close the show. Many of you, I believe, asked yourself « what the f*ck?! ». I did so.


For those who do not know Nabilla (fortunately ?) :
She is a reality-show actress born in 1992 who appeared in « Les Anges de la télé-réalité ». She became famous with her « Non mais allô quoi ! », a phrase that was repeated more than a million times in youtube and other social medias.
Nabilla began modelling at the age of 14 and she one day declared she has always wanted to become the French version of  American celebrity « Kim Kardashian ». Indeed, we can admit Nabilla is an ambitious woman.

Her dream became true in July 2013 : she closed the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture fashion show, and therefore created the buzz, once again. Though some would see her as a « hyper-superficial » girl, many will be surprised to learn she is actually a smart girl who knows what she wants and goes forward to reach her goals. According to me, she always does the right thing when it has to be done and she has indeed the perfect way to do it.

Apart from this intriguing fact, the collection was great, very glamourous and sexy. I didn’t attend the show regrettably, but once the show was over, I immediately went home to watch the online video of it !

Here are the photos I took before and after the show, in Rue Saint Martin, Paris.

IMG_6788 IMG_6796 IMG_6815 IMG_6827
IMG_6644 IMG_6666 IMG_6757





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