Shooting with Alicia Tostmann – Nathalie Agency

As I am currently on Toussaint vacation until November 3rd, I’m taking advantage of my free time as well as possible. Paris offers great opportunities to discover new things and meet great people.

Alex Cheng is a freelance photographer and student at reknown Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. He often collaborates with modeling agencies, including IMG and Nathalie Models, and regularly goes to fashion shows. His work with agencies is a sort of exchange : he takes photos of models so that they can have new photos in their book and thanks to this, he gains experience, improves his portfolio, and discovers new faces.

I met Alex Cheng during last Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture, at the beginning of July 2013. We kept in touch via social network Facebook where he shares his work and today, thanks to him, I attended my first shooting, with model Alicia Tostmann from Nathalie Agency, make-up artist Yamei and of course, photographer Alex Cheng.

Just below, four pictures of Alicia, taken by Alex Cheng.


I reached Villejuif – where Alex set up his own ‘studio-garage’  – at 1.00 pm to meet Alex Cheng. He was with some friends and the make-up artist. It was really nice to meet them. At half past two, Alicia Tostmann arrived and the shooting began with hours (?) of make-up first ! 🙂

No stylist this day but no worries, everything will be ok. Alex Cheng’s team had been very professional indeed. The shooting lasted more or less four hours, even though I was pretty tired, the atmosphere was surprisingly friendly and professional at the same time.
I took many videos during that afternoon, so if you want to see the video I made and discover a great model, here it is !

I really hope you’ll enjoy the video, thanks for watching !

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