Songzio Men – PFW A/W14-15

Songzio Men for this new year moved into an other part of Paris. Whereas his previous shows usually took place in the 4th district of Paris, at La Mairie du 4ème, this 2014 new men collection was presented to us at La Salle Wagram, a beautiful Renaissance-style hotel. A turn that can mean Songzio wanted change. Change yes, but to what extent ? IMG_8556 Each season with Songzio is tainted of a bit of new stuff. As I have been following him for several Paris Fashion Weeks, I can assure you before each collection, you wonder what will be the « theme » of his collection. Yet, fortunately, when you get the invitation for the show, it’ll give you a foretaste of what you will have to expect from the collection (click here to see Songzio 2014 invitation). So by judging this invitation, how would you imagine the collection ?

Dark, black, classy and sophisticated. These were the words that came up in my mind. To get your own opinion of this new collection, you just have to look at the photos I took. No need for you to go there, wait thirty minutes for the doors to get open, then wait again for  the show to begin. I offer you the (eye-)pleasure to see everything. But in any case, I won’t lose a chance to attend a show, it’s so fantastic to get there and feel the atmosphere : magic. IMG_8565 IMG_8573 IMG_8577 IMG_8578 IMG_8584 IMG_8593 IMG_8606


His smart use of black mixed with other colours -blue, yellow, green – makes the different looks more elegant, though 100% black looks are also amazing ! An other thing to remember from the show is the hair style : we have already seen this wet hair style in magazines and other shows, so it’s now a classic. If you, men, are brave enough to try it on your hair without professional help, then I would be glad to see how it looks !


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