Bill Tornade Men – FW A/W 14-15

Since Bill Tornade has welcomed its two new fashion designers, already well-known though in the « fashion sphere » and among high-profile celebrities, the brand decided to re-start to show their trendy collections in avant-première during the Paris Fashion Week for men.

A new start, with young, talented and promising designers I hope to hear of them soon. They will, no doubt of it, rock the fashion sphere in which Bill Tornade remained before.

The new collection is very « accessible », it includes clothes you can easily wear everyday. Perfect for street-style lovers, with a smart British touch of elegance that will please more than one person.

IMG_8623 IMG_8632 IMG_8634 IMG_8636 IMG_8645Originally, Bill Tornade, created in 1977 in the heart of Paris, in the neighborhood of Le Maris, was the expression of rock music in fashion. That is to say, the brand was very popular among trendy rock musicians and artists that wanted to bring a touch of classy Bill Tornade in their style. Now, even though you can find that it keeps the same aim to wear rock stylish people, they say, in capital letters on the website indeed, that Bill Tornade is the « expression of French rock elegance ». But I guess they draw their inner inspiration not only from fashionable French people, but also from the British. I don’t know if I’m the only one to feel this, but I noticed this new collection was tainted of something British, street wear and almost sporty for few of the looks.IMG_8661IMG_8663 IMG_8667 IMG_8669

To make their new start more convincing, they decided to stop to sell women clothes for a moment. The reason why ? Because they mainly focused on this men collection, and are willing to present you with something cooler, fresher, newer, smarter and definitely BIGGER for their next women collection, one Bill Tornade designer said just after the show in front of cameras and journalists. I’m already excited to know how it’ll look !

I thank my friend Alicia for giving me the opportunity to go and see this show, where I met and saw Miss France 2006 (Alexandra Rosenfeld), French rapper La Fouine, and many French actors such as David Baiot from the well-known French series Plus Belle La Vie, French actress and ex-ballet dancer Vahina Giocante from Lila A Dit and La Blonde aux seines nus and even ex-football player Sonny Anderson. And many others.



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