Workshop with Flora Zoutu from Modzik

I’ve experienced something totally new for me : the workshops organized by the Studio 13/16 of the Centre Pompidou.

What, who, where and when ?!

One morning, totally out of the blue, I read a post on the Studio 13/16 Facebook page that a few hours later on the same day, February 20th, the Studio was to welcome Flora ZoutuModzik‘s chief redactor. For those who have never heard about it, Modzik is a bimestrial magazine that mixes fashion (« Mod ») and music (« zik ») in a very brilliant and original way. A great 50/50 that many of you, I hope, will enjoy as I do. Independent music lovers with varied influences ranging from rock, pop to electro but also fashion victims (or not) that want to listen to refreshing music, THIS is for you !

I had the occasion to browse a few magazines and the CD-gift in each magazine is a real blast : you’ll find bands like The xx, Chairlift or Air.

2014/01 Modzik cover /

A great opportunity to learn more about magazines and the way people work there was presented to me. So, naturally, at 2 pm, I reached the Centre Pompidou, went directly to the studio and here was I, in front of the kind and welcoming Centre Pompidou team.

The workshop…

I introduced myself and they offered me a coke (Never say no to a coke!). They were quite a lot of people and the atmosphere was relaxed with a background sound of indie music. Anyway, the age average was around 14-15, so with my sixteen years old indeed, I was older than most of the participants…

After that, we got started quickly and first introduced ourselves one by one to form the different teams of the virtual magazine we were about to create and release. Depending on our interests, we had to chose between departments such as « writing and journalism », « photography », « stylism » and « artistic direction ». As for me, I hesitated a lot and eventually chose the « artistic direction » group who was in charge of the final layout of the magazine.

Our « job » was quite hard, I admit, because with nothing concrete, no text, no picture, we had to visualize the final layout, decide on the number of pictures we needed for the double pages, what pictures to put, how long would be the text, etc. We also had to decide what the title would be.

Just for the occasion, the participants had the chance to interview Lo.Swing, a French singer. And at the end of the workshop, he also did a quite intimate concert at L’IRCAM, a few steps far from the Centre Pompidou. How lucky we were indeed !

Would I recommend you the Studio 13/16 ?

I enjoyed working in teams, and especially with different people from various horizons. The staff members were here to help when needed and Flora was very nice and open-minded. I found really nice from her to come to young people and share her everyday job. It reminded me of the Labo des Histoires, an association that offers free writing activities, workshops and masterclasses to young people.

If you are eager to discover new stuff, yes, I woulddefintely recommend the Studio to you, you’ll certainly have fun. Do not hesitate to check their ambitious agenda, their next activities sound really fun !

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